Saturday, June 30, 2012


It's saturday, it's summer: A mighty fine day I'd say! I opted for a simple pair of pink shorts (H&M), a floral top (Primark) and some laid back pink bracelets (H&M). The funniest part is that the bracelets are the most expensive piece of this outfit, haha!

Friday, June 29, 2012

The future

I'll be moving to Berlin in 9 months and have decided to get rid of (almost) all my current furniture and get new pieces once I move. Needless to say that I've become quite obsessed with browsing through certain webpages seeking for inspiration. Naturally I ended up loving a lot of IKEA stuff, so here's a bit of what I'd like to get in a few months:

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The sandals I've picked up at Primark are too small. This is why one should always walk around while trying shoes on. I only tried them on while sitting down, silly me. Maybe I'll find the time to list them on Ebay in between watching TV and bumming around on a Sunday afternoon. :P

Sunday, June 17, 2012


For the first time in ages I went to Primark and was surprised how nice most things were. I think this is my biggest Primark haul by far, even though it's little compared to what other people buy there. ;) I absolutely love everything I picked up, all of the pieces are very summery. I hope the weather is going to be kind and we'll have a few sunny, summery weeks, so I can walk through the city wearing my new clothes. :)

Top: 6 € / Jumpsuit: 7 €

T-Shirt: 6 €

Top: 5 € / T-Shirt: 5 €

I'm going to post the more random purchases within the next few days as I don't want to make this post to big/messy. ;)


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh, hello!

I've spent part of my spring break in Tenerife and the other half writing assignments for university. I've still got one to go, but I've decided to make today a "not-doing-anything" day. :) I've bought quite a lot of stuff in the past few weeks and might be sharing some of it on here. I've also read "The solitude of Prime Numbers" by Paolo Giardano and will review it in a few days. For now I leave you with my latest purchase:

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H&M / 19.95 €

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beauty haul

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Left to right:
p2 Feel Good mineral compact blushes, essence sun club glamour to go eyeshadow, Rival de Loop - Berlin - High Gloss Nail Colour nail polishes, Rival de Loop - Berlin - Nagellack Schnelltrockner Spray, p2 Perfect Face! Anti-Red Base

I went to the drugstore to shop a certain collection which I stumbled upon the stores' website. Just my luck, the store I went to didn't have that collection (yet). :( As I can never walk out of a drugstore without buying anything I had a look around the cheap drugstore brands' products and what you see above is what I ended up buying. :)

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Left to right:
p2 Feel Good mineral compact blush in 060 charming orange, p2 Feel Good mineral compact blush in 020 sweet rose

I still use my two Manhattan blushers (peach and violet), but as it is such an "every day" product I decided to pick these two up. The camera didn't pick up the colour of the "sweet rose" one very well. It's way lighter and rosé in real life. I'm actually dying to try these out, because they were such a bargain (like all things p2).

The product descriptions states the following about the product:

"Feathery-light blush enriched with minerals - the high content of biominerals has a soothing effect. Used to emphasize and accentuate your cheeks. Skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed."

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essence sun club glamour to go eyeshadow in 02 long beach

The colours are quite shimmery which I'm not quite sure about, but I really wanted some orange-y tones, since I have light blue eyes and orange-y eyeshadow works great with it. Sadly, most brands don't really carry orange-tones at the moment.

Rival de Loop - Berlin High Gloss Nail Colour in 65 and 55

I'm terrible with nail polishes. I pick up new ones all the time. Usually I go for pink-ish colours and my pink nail polish collection is ridiculous. So, I decided to go for other colours this time. The RdL polishes are ridiculously cheap. I've already tried the turqouise-green-ish one which... I don't know, I think I have to get used to having such a colour on my nails. The consitency was quite nice, I thought it was a bit better than some of the p2 nail polishes.

I didn't take close-ups of the Rival de Loop Nagellack Schnelltrockner spray (spray that helps your nail polish to dry quicker), but I've already used it and it really works. I applied four coats of nail polish (lol) the other day (base coat - silver - glitter - top coat) and was in a hurry, so I sprayed my nails with it after every layer and it basically saved me from running super late. Yay!

The last thing I've picked up was the p2 Perfect Face! Anti-Red Base. I wanted to try a make up base for a long time, but the only one I came across was from L'Oreal and therefore quiet expensive. So I immediately jumped on the possibility to try out a much cheaper product. I haven't used it yet, but it's supposed to make your face look fresher and hide any redness.

I'm probably trying a lot of these products tomorrow and I'm honestly super excited to use them! :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012


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Was sind eure Lieblings-YouTuber/YouTube channels?
What are your favourite YouTubers/YouTube channels?

Meine sind:
Mine are:

Habt ihr Empfehlungen? Was sollte ich mir angucken?
Do you have any recommendations? What should I watch?